Rockingham/Strafford County 4-H 2022 Winter Makers Mates

Online Only

The registration deadline for this event has now passed. Please contact us with any questions!

4-H Makers Mates IS BACK! We are offering this beloved program again this holiday season but this time we are cranking it up several notches.

Makers Mates is exactly like the traditional Pen Pals program, but with a fun 4-H twist! Instead of trading letters with your buddy, you trade a piece of art or a craft of some kind that YOU MAKE.

This year, we will kick off the program with Craftapalooza! on Saturday, December 18, 2021. At Craftapalooza, youth will work through a few guided crafts of their choice. They will leave with a few finished crafts and several ideas and instructions for craft ideas for their Maker Mate.

Then, we will be having our Virtual Reveal Party on Thursday, February 10, 2022 at 5:30pm.

Sign up for Makers Mates via 4-H Online by Friday, January 7, 2022 (the deadline to sign up for Craftapalooza is Friday, November 26, 2021). You will then be linked with a Maker Mate of a similar age and receive some more information about them to give you some ideas for what to make. You do not need to sign up for Makers Mates to participate in Craftapalooza or vice versa, but you should do both because it’s the most fun that way!


Need some inspiration for what you create? Check out some of these great ideas!

  • Playful Pencil Pals
  • Sew Your Own Lucky 4-H Clover
  • Bookmarks from the Ways to Create. So many ways to make your bookmarks super fun and exciting! Consider making a collection for your new Maker Mate, using several of the ideas.
  • Stickers from Scratch from Who doesn’t love stickers? Follow this guide to making your own stickers using pictures from magazines or online. Use them to decorate your envelopes and to send to your Maker’s Mate so they can enjoy them where ever they want. Don’t forget to send instructions on how to attach them.
  • Dried Leaves and FlowersSend a little bit of your own backyard through the mail using this handy guide to pressing leaves and flowers. Make sure they’re safely wrapped for their journey through the mail – they tend to be fragile.
  • Craft Stick Photo Puzzles from craftulate. Take a picture – of a tree, a bird, a flower, a favorite 4-H project, whatever you like, and follow these instructions on how to make a photo puzzle with craft sticks. 
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  • Mike Harris
    Rockingham County 4-H Program Manager

    Rita Belair
    Rockingham County 4-H Administrative Assistant