STEM Connection Series: Humans, Diets and Microbes


Speaker: Dr. Carlota Dao

Did you know that there are microbes living on every surface of the human body, including the skin and gastrointestinal tract? These microbes outnumber our own human cells and have very important functions to keep us healthy. This includes helping us digest foods and absorb nutrients. In her Zoom talk, Dr. Dao will discuss the intricate relationship between humans, diets, and microbes. As a nutrition researcher at UNH, Dr. Dao will also talk about ongoing projects, and how people can learn more and become involved in this fascinating field.

STEM Connection Series brings together scientists, engineers, teachers, informal educators, and volunteers to learn about interesting, timely topics related to STEM for the purpose of motivating educators to inquire, explore, and share new information with students. Topics range from implications of climate change on winter economies to analyzing personal genetic testing results from popular online services like 23andMe.

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