STEM Connection Series: Tracking the Signs of the Season: Exploring Phenology


Speaker: Diane DeLuca

What do budding wildflowers, metamorphosing frogs, and migrating hawks have in common? They are all undergoing life cycle phases that can be affected by climate change. Have you ever made notes about the first peeper you heard calling, the first mourning cloak butterfly you see in the spring, or the date the pink lady slippers bloom? Then you have actually been monitoring phenology! Documenting stories in our own backyards contributes to a better understanding of the impacts of change. This Zoom presentation will share a nationwide cooperative effort to monitor these life cycle events, the phenology project at New Hampshire Audubon, and opportunities for both individuals and groups to get involved.

STEM Connection Series brings together scientists, engineers, teachers, informal educators, and volunteers to learn about interesting, timely topics related to STEM for the purpose of motivating educators to inquire, explore, and share new information with students. Topics range from implications of climate change on winter economies to analyzing personal genetic testing results from popular online services like 23andMe.

Flowers on a shrub
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