What Birds Can I Expect Here?

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Over 180 species of birds breed in New Hampshire and where these birds occur is not random. Instead,  each bird species occurs predictably in certain habitat types that allow them to find food, cover, mates, and to raise healthy young.

Knowing what birds can be expected in different habitat types is valuable information if we want to observe a certain species, figure out which species we might have just seen or heard, or if we want to know how changes to a habitat will affect certain birds.

In this presentation, you will learn which bird species you are most likely to encounter in each of the following habitat types common throughout New Hampshire:

  • Suburban backyards
  • Marshes, Shrub wetlands & Forested wetlands
  • Large grassland & small fields
  • Shrublands & Young forest
  • Mature hardwood forests, Mature softwood forests

This presentation will be presented by Extension State Wildlife Specialist, Matt Tarr, who is an avid birder and bird researcher.

This ½ hour presentation will be followed by a ½ hour Q&A.

You will receive a Zoom meeting link upon registration.

Co-sponsored by: Piscataquog Land Conservancy

Eastern Towhee
Eastern Towhee