4-H Makers Expo


Sandwich Fairgrounds
Main St.
Sandwich, NH 03227
United States

Calling all Makers!  The 4-H Makers Expo is an exhibition and celebration of the things we Make in 4-H. Members can showcase 4-H project work they have made and participate in 4-H challenges. This event will have fun for everyone, along with 4-H demonstrations and challenges there will be fun activities for everyone to participate in. This is a great event to kick off your 4-H year.

  • 4-H Sew Green Fabric Creations - Use provided material to make your own creation with a sewn component for this People's Choice award
  • STEaMpunk Chain Reaction - Unleash your creative genius and design and share your innovative chain reaction machine
  • Grilled Cheese Challenge - Show your culinary chops and make a nutritious lunch featuring a grilled cheese sandwich at its center.
  • Mousetrap Car SPEED Challenge - build and enter a mousetrap car that can travel as fast as possible.
  • 4-H Honeycomb Home Challenge - Build a honeycomb structure that can hold 5 lbs (or more)! Bring your honeycomb like structure to Maker's Expo to test out your design. 
  • Makers Showcase - Display items you have made, give a public demonstration or action exhibit based on cool things you make in your 4-H project areas.

And there will be fun activities and projects for everyone to take part in and enjoy.

Pre-registration is required for Mousetrap Cars, Grilled Cheese Challenge, STEaMpunk Challenge, Sew Green, Ag Innovations, or Makers Showcase.  Registration Opens in Late March.

For questions or more information contact Claes Thelemarck.


This event is FREE and open to the public.

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