Sew Green at the 2022 Makers' Expo


Sandwich Fairgrounds
7 Wentworth Hill Road
Sandwich, NH 03227
United States

Quick Overview:

  • Register via 4HOnline.
  • Receive approximately half a yard of green fabric in the mail.
  • Design and create an item using the fabric as a prominent part of the project.  (It must have at least one sewn element.)
  • Attend the Makers' Expo on May 7 in person and bring your project for display.
  • View everyone’s Sew Green project items and vote for your favorite entry.

More Details:

We are giving away green material to everyone who registers and asking you to turn on the creativity.  There are very few rules with this contest.  You can make whatever you want – use some bling and accessorize, add a contrast material and create something to wear, make your dog an outfit ….the possibilities are endless!  The only catches are that you have to use the free green material that we provide as a prominent part of your project and your item must include a sewn element.  Hence the name of the contest: SEW GREEN.

Open to youth ages 5 to 18.

Getting the Fabric:

How do you get this material?  Register for the Sew Green event via 4HOnline by April 15.  Once we receive your registration, we will make sure to get the material to you.  It’s that simple. Then, bring your creation for display to the Makers' Expo in Sandwich on May 7.  Adults and youth in attendance will be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite item during this People's Choice contest. 

(If you want to take part in other events at the Makers' Expo, be sure to register for those separately in 4HOnline.)

Our Sponsor:

We extend a heart-filled "Thank You" to JOANN for their donation to our program.  Through their generosity, we are able to provide free fabric for this event.

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