STEM Connection Series: An Ocean of Opportunity: Building STEAM Skills & Confidence with Miniboats


Speaker: Sheila Adams

Discover the ocean like never before – hear how you can track miniature sailboats ("miniboats") which are sailing unassisted across the oceans, use online tools and incorporate the information/data to inspire you to use in various curricula and STEAM activities. Additionally, you can purchase your own miniboat from Educational Passages to assemble and launch. We did this a year ago! Where is "Rye Riptides" now?

STEM Connection Series brings together scientists, engineers, teachers, informal educators, and volunteers to learn about interesting, timely topics related to STEM for the purpose of motivating educators to inquire, explore, and share new information with students. Topics range from implications of climate change on winter economies to analyzing personal genetic testing results from popular online services like 23andMe.

Mini-boat on a boat
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