SOLD OUT - The Wonderful World of Moths at Night


Little River Park
34 North River Road
Lee, NH 03861
United States

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Moths are an incredibly diverse group of insects with more than 3,000 species occurring in New Hampshire. They are important pollinators and food for a wide variety of birds, mammals and even fungi. Many moth species are nocturnal – when we are turning in for the night, they are heading out. However, with the right tools and a willingness to stay out past our bedtime we can peek into the wonderful world of moths at night. 

UNH Extension and the Town of Lee Conservation Commission are thrilled to host the Caterpillar Lab for a night of “moth lighting” and an opportunity to observe the mysterious world of nocturnal insects. The Caterpillar Lab will set up sheets with special moth-attracting lights and will help us identify the hundreds of species of insects (not just moths!) we expect to attract.  You will be surprised by the diversity, size, and beauty of New England’s nocturnal insects. Be prepared to see and learn new things! 

We will begin the evening under the pavilion with a live caterpillar display, caterpillar-inspired crafts, and stories and photos from local “moth-ers”. Then, we’ll move into the field to monitor insect visitors at the light station. 

What to Bring: The event will be held entirely outdoors, so please dress for the weather. Be prepared for mosquitoes and ticks; if you choose to use insect spray, you will be asked to wash your hands after application and prior to touching any caterpillars or other insects. Bring a flashlight for each participant, a snack, and plenty of water.

Cost:  In order to ensure this program is accessible for all, there are multiple registration fee options - $0, $5, $15, or $25. Please pay what you can.