STEM Connection Series: Stargazing - Learning Your Way Around the Sky

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Speaker: John Gianforte

John Gianforte is the Director of the UNH Observatory and has helped many to learn their way around the sky so that they can find and identify what they see when they look up. In his talk, he will explore the steps to take to be able to orient yourself to your location as well as learn how to use a star chart to find and identify what constellations and planets are visible from your location. He will also discuss some of the available mobile applications that can help you and your students and family become familiar with the sky.  No previous experience with astronomy is necessary. John will also discuss the upcoming New England Fall Astronomy Festival (NEFAF) planned for this coming September at the UNH Observatory.

STEM Connection Series brings together scientists, engineers, teachers, informal educators, and volunteers to learn about interesting, timely topics related to STEM for the purpose of motivating educators to inquire, explore, and share new information with students. Topics range from implications of climate change on winter economies to analyzing personal genetic testing results from popular online services like 23andMe.

girls stargazing