White Pine Health and the Impacts on Lumber Workshop


UNH Sawmill
248 Mast Road (Route 155A)
Durham, NH 03824
United States

Eastern white pine is an economically important species in New Hampshire and New England.  Like all tree species grown for timber, it is subject to several diseases, pests and defects that can impact growth and vigor and lumber quality.  Fortunately, through health assessments, detection and management, white pine can be grown successfully on a range of sites throughout its range. 

Join us for a unique examination of white pine from stump to board at the UNH Sawmill on Friday June 3rd. Presenters will walk you through assessing white pine health and defects in the forest, examining logs on the landing, and sawing lumber at the sawmill to see the impacts white pine disease, pests and defects have on lumber. 

William Livingston – University of Maine
Kyle Lombard – NH Division of Forests and Lands
Stephen Eisenhaure – UNH Woodlands
Andrew Fast – UNH Extension
Steven Roberge – UNH Extension

1:00 pm – Gather and white pine stand examination.
                -Assessment of tree health.
                -Management 0ptions
1:45 pm – Inspection of harvested logs.
3:00 pm – Sawing of logs and inspection of lumber.
                -Sawing demonstration
                -Internal impacts/defects
                -Discussion of impacts on lumber
4:00 pm – Safe travels.   

3.0 Category 1 SAF Credits available for licensed foresters.

What to bring: Participants are encouraged to bring their own PPE (hardhats, earplugs, and safety glasses) but PPE will be provided if needed.

Registration is required.  Please click the blue "Register" button at the top, right of the page to register.

Cost: $20.00 per person

Co-sponsored by: UNH Natural Resources and the EnvironmentThompson School of Applied Science, UNH Office of Woodlands and Natural Areas, NH Timberland Owners Association, and Eastern White Pine Management Institute.

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The Eastern White Pine Management Institute is a collaborative effort between the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, University of Maine, and University of Massachusetts to expand existing knowledge on Eastern white pine management and make available trainings to natural resource professionals.