2022 Rockingham & Strafford County 4-H Presents


Stratham Hill Park Fairgrounds
270 Portsmouth Ave
Stratham, NH 03885
United States

This Event has been rescheduled from May 21 to July 16 for County Presents and July 17 for the Trebuchet Challenge!

Share your interests and build your communication skills! County 4-H Presents (formerly known as County Activities Day) is an annual county event that provides youth the opportunity to build skills and confidence in the realm of public speaking.

Youth participate in one or more of a variety of categories aimed at conveying emotion, information, and skills through public speaking, visual aid, and even performance. Every 4-H member is encouraged to give a presentation each year. Each event is judged by a helpful and knowledgeable set of evaluators that provide both in-person and written feedback to participants. Through their presentations, youth learn to research a subject, organize their ideas into a logical order, and practice public speaking skills.

This year, County 4-H Presents will take place in conjunction with Stratham 4-H Summerfest and will be followed by our Team Trebuchet Competition on July 17! Each team will build its own trebuchet and compete in three areas: a distance competition, an accuracy competition, and a design competition. The registration deadline for the Trebuchet Challenge is June 17

Presentation Types

Participation in 4-H Presents can take many forms:

4-H presents demonstration

Demonstrations / Illustrated Talks

  • Demonstrations are simply showing and telling how to do something. You explain what you are doing while you work on something you like to do. Example: How to transplant a house plant.
  • Illustrated Talks are like Demonstrations but instead of working on something while you talk, you just talk and use a variety of visual aids to help you. Example: Explaining horse breeds and colors using horse models.
  • Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks last 3-10 minutes depending on your age category.
4-H presents action exhibit

Action Exhibits

  • Action Exhibits are interactive presentations that involve the audience in the presentation process. Like a Demonstration, you show or demonstrate a skill, such as how to make something, or show how something works. Unlike a Demonstration, the audience asks questions and interacts with the presenter and may even try the skill themselves. Audience members may even be able to take home something you’ve shown them how to make. Example: How to make bath salts.
  • As different audience members visit your exhibit, you may demonstrate your skill multiple times for up to 50 minutes.
  • Action Exhibits may be done individually or in teams of 2-3 people.
4-H presents public speaking

Public Speaking

  • Public Speaking is a chance to research, organize facts, and present a speech on an issue or topic of interest.
  • Speeches can be 2-10 minutes, depending on your age category.
4-H presents photography


  • You can submit a framed or matted photograph you have taken.
  • Photo categories: New Hampshire at its Best, 4-H at its Best/4-H Promotion, or Open Category.
4-H presents poster

Poster Exhibit

  • You can submit a stand-alone poster on a topic of your choice.
  • Posters can be educational or promotional.

Flix Video

  • You can submit a 3–5-minute video on a topic of your choice.
  • Videos can be created individually or by teams of 2-3 people.

Cloverbud Show & Tell

  • Cloverbud members (ages 5-7 as of January 1 of the current program year) can present a “Show & Tell”. This is a non-competitive and fun way to share what you like and learn from others too.
  • Cloverbud Show & Tell presentations can be 1-3 minutes.

Event Information & Guidelines

The Event Information Packet contains information about guidelines for each contest, age requirements and divisions, preparation tips, scoresheet examples, and entry forms for photos and posters. Please review prior to registering!

Download Event Information Packet

Download Information Packets for Individual Presentation Types:

General Guidelines

  1. Youth may enter a maximum of two Communications events (Demonstrations, Action Exhibits, or Public Speaking). In addition, youth may enter any or all of the three other contests (Photography, Poster, Flix Video).
  2. Entries, submissions, and presentations which have been previously delivered at State NH 4-H Presents may not be repeated without significant changes. All presentations and submissions must be new work completed since June of the previous program year.
  3. Live animals are not allowed at the event.
  4. Firearms may not be included in any presentations. For presentations related to firearms, models or photos must be substituted.
  5. Any use of the 4-H Clover must be in accordance with the rules governing the emblem.


Registration via 4-H Online is required. Deadline to register: Friday, July 1. Please review the Event Information Packet prior to registering.

Drop-off deadline for posters, photography, and Flix videos to your County 4-H office: Friday, July 8.

youth at 4-H presents event