Recognizing & Managing Wildlife Habitat On Your Land


Tin Mountain Conservation Center
1245 Bald Hill Road
Albany, NH 03818
United States

Extension and Tin Mountain Conservation Center are partnering to bring you this great opportunity. During this outdoor workshop, participants will visit forest, field, and wetland habitats and learn how to recognize specific features that comprise each habitat type. They will also explore how specific wildlife species use each feature as habitat as well as how to create or enhance habitat opportunities for specific wildlife.

This entire workshop will be held outdoors and will include a slow-paced walk, off-trail and over moderate terrain with many stops. The workshop involves small-group (3-4 people) activities and each small group reports back to the entire group for discussion. We stop at a forest, a field, and a wetland habitat and at each habitat stop we split into small groups:

  • Each group completes a basic habitat assessment data sheet to identify and inventory important habitat components pertinent to forest/field/wetland habitat
  • Each group is given 1 or 2 wildlife species (they are given a page out of New England Wildlife that includes all of the natural history information for each species). Based on what is written about each species, the group then decides why/why not their species would be expected to occur in the habitat we are in
  • We come back together as a large group to:
    • Point out and discuss the habitat components each group identified
    • Each group reports what they had for wildlife and why/why not those species would be here
    • Discuss which species would be likely to be here and what habitat management could be done to maintain or enhance habitat for the different species.

Prior to the workshop, participants are asked to watch  Intro to Assessing & Managing Wildlife Habitat, the content of which will be applied at the workshop. This workshop is intended for landowners or anyone interested in learning how to recognize and improve habitat for wildlife in forests, fields, and wetlands.

Cost: $15/person or $25/household for non-members; members are free.

Reservations required; call 447-6991 or click to register online.    

Oyster River field