Invasive Plant Workshop


Distant Hill Gardens & Nature Trails
507 March Hill Road
Walpole, NH 03608
United States

Many non-native plants in the U.S. have become problematic invaders of native and managed ecosystems. With climate change, a new wave of invasive species may be at our doorstep. This workshop will discuss what makes plants invasive, and look at many of the current invasive plants in the Northeast, along with some common garden plants that have the potential to become invasive in the not too distant future. Learn about the various issues, characteristics, identifying features, and control measures of some of the most aggressive non-native plants found in New England.

UNH Extension Foresters, Mike Gagnon, Hillsborough County, and Matt Kelly, Cheshire County, will lead the workshop.

Registration is Required.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER or for more information.

hand holding invasive plant