Recognizing & Managing Wildlife Habitat on Your Land


Burley Farms
247 North River Road
Epping, NH 03042
United States

Join Matthew Tarr,  Extension Professor & State Wildlife Habitat Specialist, and SELT to learn how to recognize and improve habitat for wildlife in forests, fields, and wetlands. The workshop will be held outdoors at SELT’s Burley Farms in Epping and include a slow-paced off-trail walk over moderate terrain, with many stops for discussion.

During this workshop we will visit forest, field, and wetland habitats where you will learn:

  • How to recognize specific features that comprise each habitat type
  • What and how specific wildlife species use each feature as habitat
  • How to create or enhance habitat opportunities for specific wildlife

Before attending the workshop, please watch Intro to Assessing & Managing Wildlife Habitat (33 min). We will apply the information introduced in this presentation during our workshop.

This series is intended for landowners and anyone interested in learning how to manage habitat for wildlife.

Cost: Free but registration is required.

Sunset on wetlands in summer