Crop Tree Management


Grafton County Farm Stand
3855 Dartmouth College Highway, Route 10
North Haverhill, NH 03774
United States

Want to learn how to grow big healthy trees in your woods? Want to grow trees for valuable timber? Join Grafton County Forester Jim Frohn and crop tree management enthusiast Russell Barnes to learn how to improve vigor, growth, and value of the trees in your forest. 

Crop tree management can improve the growth and vigor of individual trees and increase a tree’s value. Vigorous, fast-growing trees are better able to resist insects and disease, grow valuable logs sooner, and sequester more carbon. Trees grown for long-lived quality wood products will continue to store carbon even after they’re harvested.

We’ll learn:
• What is a crop tree
• How to select hardwood and softwood crop trees
• How to increase growth and vigor through crop tree release
• How to increase value through pruning, both softwoods and hardwoods
• How crop tree management can also benefit wildlife

Space is limited! Pre-register by November 16 at

Meet at the Grafton County Farm Stand.  The workshop will take place in the Grafton County Forest.

Crop Trees
  • Questions regarding this event can be addressed to Jim Frohn, Grafton County Forester, 603-787-6944,

    Accommodation requests can be addressed to Teresa Locke, Administrative Assistant, 603-787-6944,  Given ample time, we will make any reasonable effort to make accommodations.