Kids lined up with their mousetrap cars

2019 4-H Mousetrap Car Challenge

Sat, 04/13/2019
9:00am - 3:00am
Interlakes High School
1 Laker Lane
Meredith, NH 03253

The 4-H Mousetrap Powered Car Challenge is a contest for youth eight and older to design and build a vehicle, powered solely by one standard-sized mousetrap, to travel as far as possible.  The car that travels the farthest will be declared the winner.  Awards will be given to the top three cars.

The Mousetrap Car Challenge will be held at the 4-H Makers Expo on April 13 in Meredith, NH.

to register for the 4-H Mousetrap Car Challenge or other Maker Expo events, please visit the Maker Expo Registration Page.

Rules for the Mousetrap Car Challenge can be found by clicking here Mousetrap Car Challenge Rules

Instructions for building a car can be found by clicking  here How to Build a Mousetrap Car

Parents, please note this is a youth contest and mousetrap cars must be built by youth.  While it is tempting to step in and build or fix their cars, they need to do this on their own.  Although it can be hard to watch them struggle, their struggles and mistakes will help lead them to mastery.  Ways you can help and support your youth include:

  1. Let them struggle a little, then ask supporting questions like, "What do you think is making it run crooked?"
  2. Sometimes you can add your observations like, "I noticed the wheel rubbing against the body, how do you think that affects the car?"
  3. Avoid negative comments and pointing out mistakes.  Instead help them see what went wrong and encourage them to make changes.  "I noticed that the wheel is really wobbly, what do you think would happen if you straightened it out?"