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2021 4-H Favorite Food Cookbook

Thu, 04/01/2021

Each year, New Hampshire 4-Hers look forward to demonstrating their cooking skills at their county's food show. We are switching it up this year and 4-Hers will be able to show off one of their favorite recipes in the 2021 4-H Favorite Foods Cookbook! Each 4-Her can submit two recipes from two different categories. These recipes will be judged and awarded May, 2021. In the Fall of 2021, cookbooks will be printed and able to purchase through your County Program Manager.

Ready to Cook? Follow the Steps:

  • Register on 4HOnline 2.0 and receive your instructions.
  • Take your time to develop and test your recipe at home.
  • Submit your recipes and photos by April 1, 2021 at Recipe and Photo Upload
  • Recipes will be tested and judged with ribbons and cookbook kit and cookbook kit awarded by May 1, 2021.

E-mail with any questions

Recipe Categories

Each 4-H member may submit a maximum of two recipes, but only one recipe per category. When the recipe is submitted, the category that the recipe best fits under should be selected.

Favorite Food

The favorite food category is for 4-Hers to share the recipe for their favorite food. This can be anything including dessert, canned recipes, dinner, snack, or breakfast.

Find some inspitation for your Favorite Food at: King Arthur Baking

Wildside Cooking

The NH 4-H Wildside program is all about being active and getting outdoors. Wildside cooking is any cooking that you do outdoors. This can be over a campfire, on a grill, or anywhere outdoors!

Our friends at Iowa 4-H have supplied some outdoor safety and cooking techiques: Outdoor Camp Cooking

Market Fresh

Market Fresh is all about local produce and meats. To participate in this category, each recipe must include a locally sourced main ingredient. This includes, in-season produce, eggs, and cuts of meat from locally raised animals (we always appreciate recipes for underutilized cuts of meat).

When Produce is in Season in NH

When to Find Local Produce

Goat Recipes from NY 4-H

Milke and Cheese, Please!

This chapter is for all things dairy! Recipes may include cow, goat, or alternative milks. Think yogurt, cheese, ice cream, kefir, and much more!

NH 4-H Milk and Cheese Activity

$3 Under 30 Minutes

It can be hard to eat healthy, whether it be the time or money required. In this chapter, we are exploring recipes that only cost $3 or less per serving ($12 or under for a family of 4) and only require 30 minutes or less to cook. This is perfect for busy weekdays where you don't want to compromise nutrition. Each recipe in this section must have at least one serving of vegetables.

10 Tips to Eating Better on a Budget

Low Cost Menu Planner

Alumni and Friends of 4-H

Were you a 4-H member growing up? Maybe you're a volunteer, leader, or parent now. We want your favorite recipe for this chapter!

Writing your Recipe

Recipe Card Format

Food Safety

Recipe Judging

Recipe submissions will be judged by category. Ribbons will be awarded based on judging results, along with feedback by May, 2021.

Each recipe will be judged on:

  • How clear the recipe was to follow
  • How well the category guidelines were completed
  • Taste of completed recipe