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4-H Maker's Mates

Sat, 08/01/2020

Maker's Mates is exactly like the traditional Pen Pals program, but with a fun 4-H twist! Instead of sending letters to your buddy you can send a piece of art or a craft of some kind that YOU MAKE. 

How it Works

Sign up on 4HOnline before Sunday, July 12th at 11:59pm. Fill out the question fields accurately (address and 4-H age). You will be linked with a Maker Mate of a similar age. During the week of July 20th you will receive your Maker’s Mate’s name, age, address, and a black zip lock bag to mail your finished art or craft in. You will have two weeks (until August 3rd)  to make and mail your art or craft. Leave the art or craft that was mailed to you in the black bag until August 8th. We will hold a really quick and fun Zoom where we all open our bags TOGETHER!


Registration will be through 4HOnline, please see the instructions on how to register for an event on 4HOnline:

Registration closes July 12, 2020.


Need some inspiration for what you create? Check out some of these great ideas!

Playful Pencil Pals

Sew Your Own Lucky 4-H Clover

Bookmarks from the Ways to Create

So many ways to make your bookmarks super fun and exciting! Consider making a collection for your new Maker Mate, using several of the ideas.

Stickers from Scratch  from

Who doesn’t love stickers? Follow this guide to making your own stickers using pictures from magazines or online. Use them to decorate your envelopes and to send to your Maker’s Mate so they can enjoy them where ever they want. Don’t forget to send instructions on how to attach them. 

Send a little bit of your own backyard through the mail using this handy guide to pressing leaves and flowers. Make sure they’re safely wrapped for their journey through the mail – they tend to be fragile. 

Craft Stick Photo Puzzles  from craftulate

Take a picture – of a tree, a bird, a flower, a favorite 4-H project, whatever you like, and follow these instructions on how to make a photo puzzle with craft sticks.