Youth and adult winding up a mousetrap car

4-H Mousetrap Car Challenge

Sat, 05/19/2018
Manchester Community College
Manchester, NH

The 4-H Mousetrap Powered Car Challenge is a contest for youth to design and build a vehicle powered solely by a standard-sized mouse trap that can travel as far as possible.  The car that travels the farthest will be declared the winner.  Awards will be given to the top three cars.

The Mousetrap Car Challenge wil be held at 4-H State Activities Day (May 19th at Manchester Community College)

To qualify for the 4-H Mousetrap Car Challenge youth need to compete at a county based 4-H event.  The top three cars from each county will qualify for the Mousetrap Powered Car Distance Challenge at State Activities Day.  Contact your county 4-H Program Manager to see how you can qualify.

4-H Maker Challenge - Mousetrap Cars Rules

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