Youth playing with goo

4-H Science Bonanza

Sat, 12/08/2018

9:00am - 3:00pm

STEM Discovery Lab
UNH Manchester
88 Commercial Street
Manchester, NH 03101

Tired of cartoons on Saturday morning? Make your own goo and find electricity in lemons at the 4-H Science Bonanza! The Science Bonanza is a one day, free event that offers fun science workshops to youth ages 5 – 13 and a 4- H Science Showcase that provides participants an opportunity to learn about science opportunities in 4-H and at the STEM Discovery Lab at UNH Manchester

Attendence is free and will include lunch and three 80-minute workshops in the following topic areas:

  • Maker/Engineering – Imagine, Design, Build and Share anything.  This track is about creativity and exploring different design and building techniques, materials and mediums.  It is about learning new skills and sharing the results of your efforts.
  • AgriScience (Plant & Animal Science) – How do plants grow?  How do I keep my animals healthy?  This track is about the science behind agriculture and includes understanding livestock and pets as well as growing and caring for flowers and vegetables.
  • Food & Nutrition – How do we keep our minds and bodies healthy?  Can I use science to cook good food? There is so much science behind the food we eat and keeping healthy that it’s hard not to have fun while staying healthy. 
  • Ecology/Environment – What do fish eat?  What kind of critters live in a rotting log?  Exploring our natural world is so exciting. Whether observing wildlife or collecting insects in a stream, there is so much to learn about in nature.

2018 4-H Science Bonanza Workshop Descriptions

Ages 5-7

Session 1

Brave Bridge Builders
Using simple household materials, team work and imagination, you will build a series of bridges.

Session 2

Animals, Plants and Soils, Oh My!
Come have fun exploring how plants and animals grow and thrive.

Session 3

Thinking Machines - Exploring Computers and Computing
Come play games, do activities and hear stories that explore the world of computers.

Ages 8-10

Session 1

Code Your World
Using both computer based and non-computer “unplugged” activities, we will explore how computer programs are used to make computers accomplish different tasks.

From Flowers to Seeds, Seeds to Flowers
Children will explore and dissect a variety of types of flowers

Charging with Fruits and Veggies
We will use kits to conduct electricity with fruits and vegetables and ask the question, how it can relate to making healthy food choices?

What is a watershed and how does it help keep you alive?
Learn how precious water is and why we don’t run out of it

Session 2

Plants without soil
How are plants grown without soil? We will build and plant a hydroponics system, and learn how to mix a nutrient solution to grow old-fashioned food in a high-tech way

Marine Docents
Learn about marine biology through a squid dissection and whale presentation.

Session 3

Introduction to electronics with LittleBits
Use LittleBits to create fun and exciting electrical circuits

Earth: Our Place in Space
Learn about the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and our place on earth in the solar system

Ages 11-13

Session 1

Rubber Band Car
Race against time and distance with a two-wheel car you designed, built and tested while having fun with friends.

What is all the Buzzing about?
Participants will learn the important role bees & pollinators play in agriculture & the environment.

Introduction to the MicroBit Micro Controller
Demonstrate how to use the microbit and write some computer code.

Session 2

Dream it, Design it, Develop it
Learn how to design your own product using an online 3d design program.

Vex Robotics
Innovate, create and explore through Vex robot challenges.

Take part in demonstrations and hands-on activities to explore where our drinking water comes from and how it is part of our local water cycle.

During registration youth can sign up for one workshop per timeslot.

(printable version of descriptions)

Additionally, participants are invited to explore the Science Showcase, which will include current and upcoming opportunities in STEM 4-H programs in many NH counties including:  Hillsborough, Rockingham, Merrimack, Strafford, Chesire Counties.

Kids using lazer pointer

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