a group of agricultral workers learning how to calibrate a backpack sprayer.

Backpack sprayer calibration event – How to do it!

Wed, 09/04/2019
3:45pm - 5:30pm
UNH Cooperative Extension, Coos County
North Country Resource Center
629A Main Street
Lancaster, NH 03584

This will be a hands on demonstration to learn how to calibrate your backpack sprayer. This meeting is geared towards vegetable and tree fruit growers as well as landscapers. Certified organic growers using neem, Bt or kaolin clay are encouraged to attend.

Olivia Saunders and George Hamilton, UNH Extension Field Specialists, will lead a hands-on workshop to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your spray applications. Key components include nozzle selection, correct calculations, and calibrating for your sprayer pressure at your walking speed.

To register or for any questions, please email or call Olivia Saunders at Olivia.saunders@unh.edu or 603-447-3834 with your business name, phone number and email address, and the number of employees attending. Pesticide credits pending approval.

3:45 pm: Registration

4:00 pm: Overview of calibration

4:30 pm: In the field, Back Pack Sprayer Calibration and Application Safety

5:30 pm: Adjourn – Hand out Certificate of Attendance