Bridge Building: A Trails Workshop for Volunteers

Sat, 10/28/2017
Baker Free Library and Walker Forest
509 Main Street
Bow, NH 03304

9:00 am to 3:30 pm

What You’ll Learn This workshop will cover all the basics of how to build and maintain high-quality bridges for community trails. Perfect for Conservation Commissioners, local service clubs, land trust volunteers, private landowners, or anyone wanting to keep community trails high and dry. You’ll learn terminology about different types of structures like puncheon, stringer bridges, and bog bridges. Building and maintaining bridges can be expensive, so you’ll learn how to answer the first question land mangers ask: Is a bridge the best solution to my problem? You’ll learn how to assess the condition of the  trail, and how to deal with water, banks, and recreational uses. This workshop is geared primarily at simple bridges for non-motorized users, but there will be discussion on larger bridges for equestrian and motorized use.

We’ll also have fun, using experiential learning to make sure everyone leaves with new skills. As part of the workshop, we will construct a small foot bridge as a demonstration. You’ll get hands-on experience with specialty tools and learn about options for borrowing tools for your volunteer efforts. We’ll cover safety and leading other volunteers, and how to determine if your trails project requires professional help.