Ecology and Management of Beaver Talk

Wed, 08/14/2019
Quincy Bog Nature Center
131 Quincy Bog Road
Rumney, NH 03266

Sponsoring Organization: Quincy Bog Natural Area

About this Event: The talk is free, open to the public, and is followed by an informal reception with refreshments. The presentation will provide a complete overview of the history and ecology of beavers in New England, including their food habitats, construction abilities, and their role in creating wetland habitat for other wildlife. We will discuss why beavers build dams and how landowners and communities can maintain beavers on their land while minimizing damage beavers can cause by flooding and cutting trees.

About the Speaker: Dr. Matthew Tarr - Extension Professor, Wildlife Specialist for the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension. Matt works in close partnership with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and the Natural Resources Conservation service to assist public and private landowners in NH improve wildlife habitat and timber resources on their land. As state Wildlife Specialist and former Rockingham county Extension Forester, Matt has helped countless NH landowners improve habitat to benefit beavers and conduct projects to avoid or minimize property damage associated with beaver flooding and tree cutting.



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