Educator Training Series: Design It! Explore It!: Engineering Trebuchets!

Mon, 11/18/2019
4:00pm - 7:00pm
UNH STEM Discovery Lab/Cooperative Extension
UNH Manchester
88 Commercial St, room 329
Manchester, NH 03101

Trebuchets were engineered due to an enhanced understanding of gravity and potential energy, and acceleration—each of which is a key concept in engineering today. This design project allows educators to use the engineering design process to research, design, and build a trebuchet. Educators will learn about the engineering design process as they design and explore trebuchets. 

This is a fun and exciting introduction into the world of Engineering. The workshop is appropriate for adults and volunteers who work with youth in out-of-school time or classrooms.  Content most appropriate for youth ages 5th-9th, but can be adapted as needed. 

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Please contact Sarah Grosvenor for more information or for a scholarship information.


$15, FREE for Extension Volunteers