Fashion Revue

Fashion Revue & Textile Event

Sat, 02/16/2019
9:00am - 1:00pm
Alumni Hall
75 Court Street
Haverhill, NH 03765

Registration Deadline: February 4, 2019

Snow Date: February 23, 2019

This event is open to Grafton and Coös County 4-H members.


The 4-H Fashion Revue and Textile Event provides an opportunity for youth to receive feedback from judges on their sewn textiles, garments, knitted, and crocheted projects, and to display their project for the people’s choice Sew Green contest.  This county event includes an opportunity for youth to model their garments, and show-off their textiles during the revue, as well as learn new skills during the workshops and clinics.  The top garments will earn the privilege of moving on to the state event where youth will be selected to participate at the Eastern States Exposition later in the year.

Ways youth can participate:

  1. Garment Judging – (Top winners move onto State event)
  2. Sew Green (People’s Choice) Contest – (County only)
  3. Textiles Project Judging - (County only)
  • Quilts / Quillows
  • Aprons
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Knitting / Crocheting
  • Pillows / Pillowcases
  • Other textiles, etc.