Foundations: A workshop for educators on active, inclusive learning for informal education settings


People at a workshop stand in a circle holding hands

Whether you are a volunteer with UNH Extension, a children’s librarian, or an informal educator, working with youth can be among the most rewarding experiences you do. As an adult you have life experiences that put you in a position to help teach and mentor youth. But, how does one get started?

The Foundations Workshop is designed to help participants build their skill set in creating a positive learning environment that promotes youth’s active engagement. While Foundations uses STEM activities to exemplify various teaching methods, Foundations is suitable for anyone working informally with youth in any field.

Participants will learn fundamental skills and tricks to help youth build community, positive relationships and encourage ownership over learning. 

Specific Topics include:

Different approaches to teaching

Designing an inquiry based approach to lesson plans

Working with linguistically and culturally diverse audiences

Dates:  September 9, 16, 23, 30

Time: 9-11 AM

Location: Remote via Zoom (If we go in-person, location will be in Manchester)


$100 (*$45 for Extension Volunteers) Scholarships available

People at a workshop stand in a circle holding hands
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