Granite State Gardening with Emma Erler

Granite State Gardening Facebook Live Series with Emma Erler

Fri, 03/27/2020 to Mon, 06/29/2020
3:00pm - 3:45pm

Join Emma Erler, UNH Extension Education Center Program Coordinator (as seen on WMUR's Grow it Green), and host Nate Bernitz for Facebook live sessions on Mondays and Thursdays where UNH Extension staff will discuss gardening in the Granite State.

Previously Recorded

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March 27 - Vegetable Garden Planning with Emma Erler
March 30 - Seed Starting with Emma Erler
April 2 - Pruning with Emma Erler
April 6 - Houseplants with Emma Erler
April 9 - Nuisance Wildlife with Emma Erler
April 13 - Native Plants with Emma Erler
April 16 - Plant Diseases with Cheryl Smith
April 20 - Landscape and Garden Weeds
April 23 - Ticks with Rachel Maccini
April 27 - Backyard Fruit with Jeremy DeLisle
April 30 - Home Lawn Care with Emma Erler
May 4 - Invasive Plants with Mike Gagnon and Charlotte Thompson
May 7 - Pollinator Gardening and Habitat with Emma Erler
May 11 - Vegetable Gardening with Becky Sideman
May 14 – Food Preservation: Canning Basics with Ann Hamilton
May 18 – Supporting Wildlife in the Home Landscape with Matt Tarr
May 21 – Food Preservation: Canning, Pickling, Jams and Jellies with Ann Hamilton
May 22 - Herb Gardening with Emma Erler
May 28 – Food Preservation: Freezing, Drying and other Food Preservation Techniques with Ann Hamilton
June 1 - Water Gardens with Emma Erler
June 4 - Backyard Chickens with Elaina Enzien
June 8 - Rock Gardens with Emma Erler
June 11 - Xeriscaping with Emma Erler
June 15 - Landscaping for Water Quality with Julia Peterson
June 18 - Beekeeping Basics with Olivia Saunders
June 22 - Hobby Greenhouses with Jonathan Ebba
June 25 - Poisonous Plants with Emma Erler
June 29 - Composting with Emma Erler

Tune into the Ask UNH Extension Facebook Page at 3 pm for these upcoming Granite State Gardening Facebook live sessions.

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