Granite State Gardening with Emma Erler

Granite State Gardening Facebook Live Spring Series

Fri, 03/27/2020 to Mon, 06/29/2020

Enjoy catching up on UNH Extension's spring series of Granite State Gardening, which aired Mondays and Thursdays at 3 pm.

Simply click on the topic to view the recorded video.

March 27 - Vegetable Garden Planning with Emma Erler
March 30 - Seed Starting with Emma Erler
April 2 - Pruning with Emma Erler
April 6 - Houseplants with Emma Erler
April 9 - Nuisance Wildlife with Emma Erler
April 13 - Native Plants with Emma Erler
April 16 - Plant Diseases with Cheryl Smith
April 20 - Landscape and Garden Weeds
April 23 - Ticks with Rachel Maccini
April 27 - Backyard Fruit with Jeremy DeLisle
April 30 - Home Lawn Care with Emma Erler
May 4 - Invasive Plants with Mike Gagnon and Charlotte Thompson
May 7 - Pollinator Gardening and Habitat with Emma Erler
May 11 - Vegetable Gardening with Becky Sideman
May 14 – Food Preservation: Canning Basics with Ann Hamilton
May 18 – Supporting Wildlife in the Home Landscape with Matt Tarr
May 21 – Food Preservation: Canning, Pickling, Jams and Jellies with Ann Hamilton
May 22 - Herb Gardening with Emma Erler
May 28 – Food Preservation: Freezing, Drying and other Food Preservation Techniques with Ann Hamilton
June 1 - Water Gardens with Emma Erler
June 4 - Backyard Chickens with Elaina Enzien
June 8 - Rock Gardens with Emma Erler
June 11 - Xeriscaping with Emma Erler
June 15 - Landscaping for Water Quality with Julia Peterson
June 18 - Beekeeping Basics with Olivia Saunders
June 22 - Hobby Greenhouses with Jonathan Ebba
June 25 - Poisonous Plants with Emma Erler
June 29 - Composting with Emma Erler

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