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Growing Kiwiberries in New Hampshire Gardens [online event]

Thu, 08/27/2020

Thanks to a kiwiberry research and breeding program by the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station at the University of New Hampshire, kiwiberry production and gardening is becoming more common in New Hampshire. Kiwiberries are grown both ornamentally and for their fruit, which have intense and complex flavor profiles, high levels of bioactive compunds and are easy to eat. Unlike the larger fuzzy kiwi, kiwiberries have thin, smooth skin and do not need to be peeled before eating.

In this video, Iago Hale, associate professor of specialty crop improvement at UNH and/or Will Hastings, manager of UNH’s kiwiberry vineyard, joined host Nate Bernitz from Ask UNH Extension to share proven tips and strategies for growing kiwiberries in New Hampshire home gardens. Watch this previously recorded live video to learn about selecting kiwberry plants, tips for care throughout the seasons, how to plant and maintain kiwiberry vines, how to train and prune kiwiberries and strategies for maintaining healthy, productive plants.

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