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Hillsborough County 4-H Presentation Day

Sat, 03/23/2019

9:00am - 1:00pm

Milford Middle School
33 Osgood Rd
Milford, NH 03055

Also called 4-H Activities Day, and open to the public, Hillsborough County 4-Hers will be doing presentations on Saturday March 23rd. These presentations include demonstrations or illustrated talks, public speaking, action exhibits and more.


What will I experience at 4-H Day?

4-H County Presentation Day is an annual 4-H event and an opportunity to see how your local 4-Hers are putting their skills and knowledge to work. You can browse the artful photography and poster projects, "learn by doing" by participating in an action exhibit, check out the latest trends at the fashion revue, and much more! Hillsborough County 4-H Activities Day is on Saturday, March 23rd at Milford Middle School from 9:30AM - 1:00 PM. We recommend that anyone interested in learning about 4-H in their community attend this event. 4-H staff, volunteers, and members are available to answer your 4-H questions.

Types of Presentations

Action Exhibit

An action exhibit is an interactive presentation which involves the audience in the presentation process. Like a demonstration, in an action exhibit the 4-H members demonstrate a skill, show how to make or repair something, or they show how and why something works. Real objects are used. Unlike a demonstration, as the action exhibit presentation unfolds the audience asks questions and interacts with the presenter; the audience may even try the skill themselves. Because the whole process is shown, action exhibits may last up to 45 minutes each.


A demonstration shows how to make something, how to perform a skill, how to repair something, or how something works. In this method, the subject - animals, machine, clothing, musical instrument, or model - is used in the presentation.

Illustrated Talk

An illustrated talk communicates ideas with the aid of charts, posters, slides, flannel graph, or chalkboard. The object discussed is not used, only pictures, or other representation of it.

Public Speaking

This is a presentation of a speech written by the participant, given from memory, notes, or outline, using index cards as a possible aid.  No visual or audio aids are used.

Fashion Revue

Model garments that have been sewn, knitted, or crocheted by the 4-H'er. Garments are evaluated for quality of construction, fit, and appearance.

Fashion Selections

Youth model garments that have been purchased to meet a specific budget and wardrobe goals. Garments are evaluated for cost, fit, appearance, modeling, poise, communication skills and appropriateness of props and accessories.

Photography & Posters

Design a creative poster or submit a photograph following contest directions.


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