Hoofbeats 4-H Club at Tractor Supply Store in Merrimack NH

Hillsborough County 4-H Tractor Supply Paper Clover Campaign

Mon, 04/20/2020
8:30am - 8:00pm

The 2020 Spring Tractor Supply Paper Clover Campaign will be April 20 - May 10th. 4-H benefits directly from the sales of paper clovers at the store registers. Buy a paper clover from TSC stores in Hillsboro, Merrimack, Milford and Pelham and support Hillsborough County 4-H.

4-Hers and/or clubs can hold their own special activity or fundraiser while set-up at a Tractor Supply Stor such as a bake sale, a craft activity for kids, build a mousetrap car, do a robotics demonstration, bring animals for children to pet. 

The Tractor Supply Paper Clover Campaign is one of the biggest public displays and promotional programs for 4-H and best fundraisers.

Don’t delay …. schedule today to set-up at one of the four stores in Hillsborough County:

Hillsboro (467 W. Main St) 478-5000

Merrimack (515 DW Hwy)  424-3300

Milford  (191 Elm St)  249-8910

Pelham  (134 Bridge St)  635-5001


A great opportunity to spend time during the day or evening at a store to promote clover sales & answer questions about 4-H.  Call the 4-H office for ideas.