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Event details:

Land Owner Forest Management Workshop
(Saturday 09/30/2017 - 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM)

Come learn how to keep forests healthy at Jim Buss and Mary Kugel’s property in Northumberland, NH! Join some local natural resource professionals on a guided tour and learn about different factors to consider when making management decisions on your property.

Specific topics will include:

• Timber stand improvement (how to choose an area to thin and managing for hardwood vs. softwood)

• Creating/maintaining early successional habitat and what species utilize this space

• Benefits of creating diversity on your property

• Briefing on a new online mapping tool to become available soon that will aid in management decisions


Workshop Location
One mile southeast of the Page Hill/Lost Nation Rd intersection, look for a workshop sign.

Linked file:

Attached event flyer


no charge

Sponsored by:

In cooperation with Coos County Conservation District, United States Department of Agriculture and University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

For more information:

contact Sarah Brady by email at da.cccd@gmail.com or by phone 603-788-4651 ext.102

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Posted by: Annarie Van Coesant
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