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Technology and Record Keeping for New Hampshire Farmers
(Wednesday 02/28/2018)

Join us to explore Veggie Compass, a detailed spreadsheet to arrive at COST OF PRODUCTION for your farm! We will also introduce you to other proven methods of effective record keeping to help you ensure you have the right data for input in Veggie Compass.

Veggie Compass is a farm management tool for diversified fresh market vegetable growers. The system focuses upon a comprehensive spreadsheet designed to facilitate the analysis of farm records. Using cost, sales and labor data, the spreadsheet calculates the cost of production for each crop and the profitability of each market channel (e.g., CSA, farmers market, wholesale, retail). For example, a grower can learn if broccoli sales are more lucrative at farmers markets or through wholesale distributors. The Veggie Compass spreadsheet requires farmers to enter financial, labor and sales data, creating a holistic picture of their farm financials. The tool can also be used to predict the financial impact of different farm scenarios for the future and to assess the farm’s financial progress. Such information can help farmers locate their efficiencies, set prices based on actual costs of production, and increase farm profits.


  • Manchester - TBD


$50 per person, lunch included.

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Contact: Pamela Bruss

Sullivan County
Food & Agriculture Program Associate

24 Main Street | Newport, NH


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