Inquiry Teaching Methods: Grounding STEM Education Programs in Science Practices

Wed, 10/21/2020
4:00pm - 6:00pm


Inquiry Teaching Methods course is based on the theory and vision of the Next Generation Science Standards to integrate science and engineering practices within the STEM disciplines.

Inquiry-based learning is an approach that involves exploring the natural and man-made world around us in a manner that leads to questioning, observing, investigating, testing and discussing with others what results were found. This course is geared towards formal educators interested in exploring ways to support remote teaching in moving toward an inquiry-based approach in which your students take more responsibility for their learning.  Participants will practice shifting their existing curriculum to align with Science Practices that are within the Next Generation Science Standards within the lens of student lead use of science practices and assessment. 

Participants will learn the fundamentals of inquiry-based instruction and how to integrate NGSS science and engineering practices including how to ask investigable questions, planning an investigation and sharing results. They will conduct an inquiry investigation on their own and learn how to “shift” or change existing science activities into authentic inquiry-based activities that integrate NGSS science and engineering practices

Class will meet via Zoom on Wednesday afternoons from 4pm-6pm.

Nov 18 - Comparing Approaches

Dec 9 – Science Practices

Jan 13 – Raising Questions

Feb 10 – Full Inquiry

Mar 10 – Subtle Shifts

Apr 14 – Final Reflection and Sharing

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$350/person. Scholarships Available