Livestock Field Day at Schroeder Farm

Sat, 07/14/2018
10:00am - 2:00pm
Schroeder Farm
126 Sutton Road
Newbury, NH 03272

Whether you are a beginner farmer that is interested in building and running a livestock operation in New Hampshire, or you just want to learn more about how your food is grown, join us at Schroeder Farm, located in Newbury NH for a livestock field day. The day will cover the many options for raising many species of livestock including chickens, beef, and pigs.  The Schroeder’s will also share their 50 year history on the farm and how the farm grew year by year ending up as a farm of distinction.

The event is free and will consist of two focused educational sessions and intermittent family guided tours of the farm.

Stay for the whole day or come for the session of your choice. Use the day as an opportunity to network, learn, get outside with the family, and explore a piece of the local livestock industry of New Hampshire. 

Farmer Talks and Tours—All day:

10am-2pm       Get a chance to dive deeper into a particular livestock species and talk with Schroeder Farm family. Talk with agriculture service providers and vendors that can provide you with your livestock needs and answer your questions. Providers and vendors/ vendor resources may include UNH Cooperative Extension, NRCS, livestock equipment suppliers, feed supply stores, and livestock membership organizations. Visit Schroeder Farm’s sawmill and learn how they’ve been able to successfully diversify their livestock business.

Educational Program Schedule:

11am-12pm     Getting Started With Livestock

Learn what it takes to keep animals healthy and happy. This session will focus on animal selection, best practices for optimal animal health, and basic husbandry skills.

12pm-1pm       Planning Ahead: Farm Layout, Infrastructure and Handling Facilities

A look at dual purpose buildings and facility layout. To have livestock, you’ll need a place to put them and a way to handle them.  We’ll discuss the importance of building location, tools to make life easier, and the importance of having versatile facilities.


No registration required. Event will take place outside and around livestock. Please wear proper footwear and be prepared for all weather!

For more information or questions please contact either Dot Perkins at, (603) 796-2151 or Elaina Enzien at, (603) 679-5616.