soup making

Merrimack County 4-H: Winter Leaders Association Meeting

Wed, 01/15/2020
Grace Episcopal Church
30 Eastman Street
Concord, NH 03303

Step out in the cold and get warmed up with others! Join us for the Merrimack County 4-H Leaders Association Meeting on Wednesday, January 15th beginning at 6:00pm at the Grace Episcopal Church in Concord.

About the Event:

This meeting is a "Chowder - Chili - Soup Buffet" - please bring one of the above to share! Leaders Association will provide the coffee. If you care to bring some bread or dessert that would be appreciated. Utensils are NOT provided.

We strive to have one representative from each club present, so important information can be relayed back to the club. This is the main place for all leaders of clubs to gather information that affects clubs and the county program. One leader from each club need to be designated to attend. If we are to keep our county program strong all clubs need to be represent to be in the know of what is going on. We look forward to seeing you there!

Sample Agenda Item:

  • Budget Presentation for 2020
  • Spring Club Fundraiser
  • Upcoming County Event Information
  • Club Round Table