a biker on a trail in the woods

NH 4-H Biking Challenge

Fri, 03/27/2020 to Sun, 05/31/2020

The Challenge

Get outside and bike with your family! The state-wide NH 4-H Biking Challenge is a County-based competition. Individuals compete for their county by accruing miles biked and keeping a Trip Log.

The challenge runs from March 27 – May 31, 2020. The County with the most miles accrued at the challenge closing date wins.

The more individuals a County has participating who bike on a regular basis, the greater the chance that County has to win the challenge!

How to Submit your Trip Log

Join the NH 4-H Community Group on Facebook, go to the NH 4-H Biking Challenge Event, and join the event by saying “attending”.

    After each biking trip, post a photo of your trip destination along with your Trip Log information as a comment in the Facebook Event Discussion.

    Your Trip Log must include:

    1. Your starting location
    2. Your destination (or, if it was a loop, just indicate that it was a loop)
    3. Your County
    4. Total miles traveled
    5. A photo of your destination

    NH 4-H Program Staff will review trip logs posted each day, count the total mileage for each County, and post a daily update on the Event every evening!


    Every person that participates and posts a Trip Log will receive a Wildside Biking Challenge patch.

    Prizes for the top three placing counties: TBD.

    Sponsored by the NH 4-H State Foundation and the NH 4-H County Foundations.