2017 Auction

NH 4-H Livestock Auction Tagging and Workshop

Sun, 05/13/2018
9:00am - 12:30pm
49 Pittsfield Rd
Loudon, NH 03307

The fourth tagging date for the 2018 NH 4-H Livestock Auction will be Sunday, May 13th (49 Pittsfield Rd, Loudon, NH).  Tagging will be from 9-10 am with educational workshops from 10 am-12:30 pm.

If you plan to tag an animal please email michelle.bersaw@unh.edu with number of animals and what species.


Rules for 4-H Youth Participating in the NH 4-H Livestock Show & Auction:

  1. You can tag up to three animals per species. You may show and sell one animal per species at the auction. There is a non-refundable $25 entry fee per species to enter up to three animals of same species (example: 3 lambs for $25 and 3 goats for $25).  Payment is due at the time of tagging and weigh in. 
  2. To participate members must be 8 years old by January 1, 2018
  3. All livestock must be on the member’s intent to show form and must be owned by the member, not in a farm name.
  4. All animals must be tagged at one of the official tagging events listed on the website. Tags must not be intentionally removed for the duration of the program, including the day of the auction.  Tags that fall out must be immediately reported to the species superintendent and the animal will be retagged, with documentation of the new tag by photo.
  5. All youth must participate in a Workshop; there will be no exceptions to this mandatory requirement.

For additional rules and participation information go to the NH 4-H Livestock Auction website