Painted turtle

NH Woods & Wildlife: Live! - Life in the Slow Lane: Get to Know NH's Turtles

Thu, 06/03/2021
via Facebook

Join Haley Andreozzi of the UNH Cooperative Extension forestry and wildlife team and Josh Megyesy of the NH Fish & Game Department for NH Woods & Wildlife: Live! on Facebook. In this session experts will be ready to take your questions on turtles in New Hampshire's. You can click "going" on our Facebook event page to get notifications and reminders about the upcoming Q&A. Please submit your questions in the discussion section of the event page or through our online form and then join us for the answers! This session is free and open to the public—you do not need a Facebook account to participate.

About the Sessions

Join the UNH Cooperative Extension Forestry & Wildlife Team for NH Woods & Wildlife: Live! Extension’s forestry and wildlife experts and special guests are answering your questions every other Thursday at 10 am on the UNH Cooperative Extension Forestry and Wildlife Program Facebook page. You can check out upcoming Q&As here, and you can watch previous Q&As here.