KIds showing a chain reaction machine

POSTPONED - 2021 STEaMpunk Chain Reaction Challenge - Till the Cows Come Home

Thu, 07/29/2021
10:00am - 4:00pm

Due to the ongoing pandemic, STEaMpunk Challenge will not be held at a large public gathering this summer.  We are planning for a smaller outdoor event this fall.

STEaMpunk Chain Reactions are crazy contraptions that do something simple, like bringing the cows home, with an overly complicated series of chain reactions.  This year 4-H members have a chance to build a STEaMpunk Chain Reaction machine that Brings the Cows Home and showcase it later this year.

Till the Cows Come Home

This old farmers idiom means something that will likely take a long time, since it was no guarantee when the cows would finally come home!  In the STEaMpunk Chalin Reaction Challenge, 4-Hers work to design and build a unique contraption that completes a chain reaction of events that does bring the cows home.   Any cow will work, but not live ones.  All participating teams must include at least two cows . 

The Rules Your invention must:

  •  Include 2 or more cows. Complete 5 or more steps
  •  Have a run time of 2 minutes or less
  •  Fit inside a 12 ft2 footprint and be no taller than 4’
  •  Be free standing

Getting Started

  • Individuals or family teams are ideal.
  • Get help from a parent, coach, advisor or mentor
  • Do some research – Google terms like "Rube Goldberg machine" or "chain reaction machine"
  • Collect a big pile of stuff and start tinkering

Showcase your Invention later this fall an event to be determined soon.

Registration Opens June 2nd through 4-H Online

For more information contact Claes Thelemarck or click the links below for complete rules and goal setting guidelines.

STEaMpunk Invention Challenge Rules

STEaMpunk Invention Scoresheet