Students studying hippology

[POSTPONED] - NH 4-H Hippology Contest

Sat, 04/04/2020
9:00am - 5:00pm
Thornton Central School
1886 NH Route 175
Thornton, NH 03285


Due to the public health concern caused by the COVID-19 virus, UNH administration made the decision to cancel all UNH Cooperative Extension events, programs and noncredit classes through April 5. The health and safety of our staff and the many members of our New Hampshire communities that participate in our programs is most important. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this uncertain time.

The new date will be posted here as soon as possible.

About the Event 

The New Hampshire 4-H Hippology Contest is a comprehensive, skill based competition where youth demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of equine science and horse husbandry through hands-on and written tests, skill stations and a horse judging contest. Age divisions are Junior age 8-10; Intermediate age 11-13; Senior age 14-18. Senior members participate in live horse judging at Deer Creek Farm, Thornton NH at 9 am. Intermediate and Junior members participating in Hippology only report directly to the Thornton Central School at 12 noon.


The event consists of four phases:


Horse Judging: Senior members (ages 14-18) participate in live Judging along with the NH 4-H Horse Judging Contest members.  Junior and Intermediate members will judge photos.

Written Exam including anatomy (approximately 75%) and slides (approximately 25%).

Stations Series of stations to answer questions and identify items. Each station will have ten items, pictures or questions along with a list to match and identify those items or pictures.

Problem solving -- Junior and Intermediate members solve individual problems and give their verbal answer to the judge. Senior Team members work together to solve problems using their practical knowledge of horses. Problems may be hands on, verbal, or a combination and may involve an oral presentation, and/or demonstration.  Example  senior problem: Here are some items that might be in a farrier's box. Put them in the order that the farrier would use to take off a shoe and to prepare the hoof for a new shoe. (Tools displayed on a table).


$12 per participant