Preventing Winter Damage to Trees and Shrubs [online event]

Mon, 10/26/2020

Early spring can sometimes reveal devastation to trees and shrubs in the home landscape. Whether damage from salt, wind and ice, or from deer, voles and rabbits, winter can be tough for many trees and shrubs. Join horticulturalist Emma Erler to learn proven tips and solutions for preventing winter damage to your trees and shrubs in this installment of Granite State Gardening. Bring your questions, and join us on Facebook Live. 

Facebook LIVE

Facebook LIVE: A way to be part of the conversation. 

We love meeting with people in person, but sometimes that is not possible. That is why we love Facebook LIVE. During the session you can post a question and we will answer it.  To watch us LIVE, go to the Ask UNH Extension or UNH Extension Facebook Page at the listed time and scroll down until you see the live video playing. Then, click the live video to activate the audio and join the conversation.

Videos are always recorded and available to watch anytime. Granite State Gardening episodes are now on Mondays and Thursdays at 6 pm.