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Replacing Your Lawn: Low-Maintenance Alternatives For Turf Grass [online event]

Mon, 09/14/2020

Turf grasses have many advantages: they hold up well to heavy foot traffic and offer classic, manicured look. They also require high inputs of water, fertilizer and other products, as well as frequent mowing. Lawns also provide little environmental benefit for pollinating insects and wildlife.

In this live conversation, UNH Extension's Emma Erler joined Nate Bernitz on Granite State Gardening to share proven tips and solutions for how you can replace lawn, and what you can replace it with.

Background reading:

Replacing Turf Grass With Pollinator Friendly Lawn Alternatives: https://extension.unh.edu/blog/replacing-turf-grass-pollinator-friendly-lawn-alternatives

Have You Considered Re-Wilding Your Lawn?: https://www.nhpr.org/post/have-you-considered-re-wilding-your-lawn#stream/0

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