kids at county activities day

Rockingham and Strafford Counties 4-H County Activities Day 101

Tue, 01/14/2020

UPDATE: This event has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts and low enrollment. Instead, we will be creating a CAD Orientation video in order to reach everyone that is interested. The video will explain how to prepare for the various kinds of presentations (public speaking, action exhibit, demonstration), how each presentation will be scored, how the day's schedule works, and provide information about the process of moving from County Activities Day to State Activities Day to The Big E. The video will be posted and sent out via 4HOnline by Friday, February 7. Check back soon for more info!

This year, Rockingham/Strafford County Activities Day/Fashion Revue is March 21st! County Activities Day is an annual event that provides youth the opportunity to build skills and confidence in the realm of public speaking. Fashion Revue gives you the opportunity to showcase garments you have created by sewing, knitting, or crocheting. Each event is judged by a helpful and knowledgeable set of evaluators that provide both in-person and written feedback to participants. Top scoring participants then move on to present their work at State Activities Day in May.

If you’re a family new to 4-H, participating in County or State Activities Day might seem daunting. At CAD 101, you will learn what to expect, what types of presentations you can do, and all about the guidelines and criteria judges will use. Staff will also be available to help with registration through 4HOnline, and you will be able to pick up resources and guidebooks with tips on public speaking, poster design, sewing, and more. Even if you’ve participated in CAD/Fashion Revue many times, you can still attend this session to brush up on your knowledge!