hydroponic garden

Rockingham County 4-H Growers SPIN: Rooting Deeper Into Hydroponics

Wed, 12/09/2020 to Wed, 12/16/2020
6:00pm - 7:00pm

Grow with H20!

Hydroponics is a fun way to grow plants without the mess of soil. Now that you've had a chance to try out small-scale hydroponics, we're going to "root deeper" with a FREE three-session SPIN workshop series. Participants will learn all the basics of hydroponics as well as dig deeper through fun experimental activities.

All supplies needed to build your own hydroponics system and complete the hands-on activities will be provided as a kit, which you will be able to pick up at the 4-H Office or the local library in Windham, Candia, or North Hampton. 

Kits will include:grow light

  • Growing container
  • Grow light
  • Seeds
  • Growing mediums
  • Magnifying glass
  • Nutrients
  • Complete instruction sheets
  • All other activity materials needed

You may choose to receive one kit for your whole family, or a kit for each youth participant.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: You must register for this workshop series via 4HOnline 2.0 by Friday, November 20. See 4HOnline 2.0 Family Event Registration Guide for event registration help. (In order to register, you will need to enroll in 4HOnline; see the Family Enrollment Guide for assistance.)

Learning Sessions

The three in-depth virtual learning sessions will be led by Michelle Bersaw-Roblee, 4-H Horticulture Field Specialist.

Session 1: Why Hydroponics?

Wednesday, December 9, 6-7pm

Did you know that you can grow plants without soil?? Participants will learn about the parts of a hydroponic system and the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of system for plant growth. Activity will include assembling a passive hydroponic unit and starting seeds.

Session 2: The Hydroponic Environment

Monday, December 14, 6-7pm

In a hydroponic system, the plants depend on us to provide the optimum growing environment. In this session participants will learn about the basic needs of a plant and how those needs are meet in a hydroponic system. Participants will explore different ways to monitor plant health and the growing environment using techniques like plant and root growth measurements and pH testing.

Session 3: What is a Grow Medium?

Wednesday, December 16, 6-7pm

In this session participants will learn what common grow mediums are used in hydroponics. Participants will have the chance to experiment with a variety of grow mediums and test their water retention properties.

Email rockingham.4h@unh.edu if you did not receive the Zoom information for these sessions.

Don't worry, even if you can't attend every session, the detailed instructions provided with your kit will allow you to complete the activites on your own.