Hornbeam leaf

Summer Shrub and Tree ID Workshop

Sun, 08/19/2018
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Distant Hill Gardens
507 March Hill Road
Walpole, NH 03608

Know Your Land

The ability to identify woody plants anytime of year is an extremely useful tool to add to you gardening and landscape management toolbox. Knowing which shrubs and trees are present on your land will enable you to make more informed decisions when attempting to meet your management goals. We had a workshop here at Distant Hill Gardens in March of 2018 showing participants how to identify shrubs and trees without leaves. In this workshop we will focus on the leaves, and other summer features, to help properly identify native shrubs, trees, and a few perennials.

The workshop will take place in the fields, woodlands, and wetlands of Distant Hill Gardens. You will learn how to identify numerous species of shrubs and trees using the plants leaves, but, as we did in this past winter’s workshop, we will also discuss identification clues such as bark, shape, branching patterns, smell, taste, habitat, cones, and fruits. And you will see first hand how plant identification is being used as a management tool to enhance the plant biodiversity of a pollinator meadow at Distant Hill Nature Trail.

Workshop leaders:

Steve Roberge: Cheshire County Extension Natural Resources Specialist and Forester and Michael Nerrie: Designer and builder of Distant Hill Gardens and Nature Trail.

Registration is required


Suggested Donation: $10/adult