Swine Reproduction Series: Swine Breeding

Thu, 07/30/2020
12:15pm - 1:30pm

Servicing sows, Live cover vs Artificial Insemination

Breeding sows takes know-how, good timing, and good technique. In this short webinar, we will talk about the key differences and similarities to achieving successful fertilization whether you utilize live-cover or utilizing artificial insemination (AI) for your breeding program. Focus will be placed on the unique pig-isms of managing sows and boars during breeding and best practices for using live cover or AI. Speakers include Penn State Swine State Specialist, Dr. Elizabeth Hines, and Dr. Mark Estienne of Virginia Tech.

This webinar is one in a five-part series in collaboration with UNH Cooperative Extension, Penn State Cooperative Extension, and UVM Extension. The material presented in these sessions is intended for swine producers interested in starting their own breeding program or improving their existing program. If you are interested in attending more sessions in this series, you need to register for each one individually.

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For any special accommodations or questions, contact Elaina Enzien at elaina.enzien@unh.edu or 603-679-5616.