Twilight Meeting: Permanent Raised Beds at Fat Peach Farm

Thu, 11/14/2019
3:00pm - 5:00pm
181 Drew Road
Madbury, NH 03823

Interested in reducing tillage on a small scale?  Fat Peach Farm in Madbury NH, received a SARE Farmer Grant (Assessing No-Till Permanent Raised Beds for Mixed Vegetable Production on Marginal Soils) to evaluate a no-till system on their farm. 

Here's what farmer Jennifer Wilhelm says about this system: "The permanent raised beds (PRB) system intentionally designates permanent growing space for crops that is cultivated year after year, while leaving the inter-rows untouched. We have established our PRB system as a no-till system to reduce soil disturbance and weed seed germination; as an organically managed farm, we have found this system to be an effective way to passively manage weeds, without the use of herbicides. Join us to learn about how we established and manage this system."

We'll walk the farm and learn about how this is working. It's a great opportunity to see this system, AND to learn more about SARE farmer grants and how you can get one to test a practice that you're interested in!