STEM Discovery Lab at UNH Manchester

STEM Discovery Lab at UNH Manchester
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The STEM Discovery Lab, located at UNH Manchester, engages with local communities to provide youth and adults access to high-quality  STEM programs. Our work is centered on the belief that all youth  and adults are curious about the world around  them and our programming is based on providing  learning opportunities that are relevant, exciting  and meaningful. Come explore outer space or the  deep, dark ocean; design your own hydroponic garden; become an electrical engineer, and more! Scholarships are available for all programs.

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Getting Here

88 Commercial Street
Manchester, NH 03101
United States


Currently closed
Mon - Fri:
8:00 am-4:00 pm

Youth Programs


The 4-H Discovery Club is open to youth in the Manchester urban corridor. The club provides many opportunities to explore STEM topics  through hands-on, inquiry-based experiences in relevant topics. Many of our youth programs are taught by Extension volunteers who have undergone extensive training in both content and educational topics. We offer both school year and summer STEM programming.

Educator Workshops

STEM volunteers at workshop

Educator workshops are open to adults who are interested in learning about both content and best approaches to teaching STEM. Our workshops are  taught by veteran educators and content experts who truly enjoy sharing and learning with participants. Our content trainings involve topics related to engineering, natural resources, ecology and technology.


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All SDL Events


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