Nutrition Education

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Eat Healthy and Save Money 

Resources for families for better health.

Nutrition Connections

A no-cost, hands-on nutrition education program

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4-H Healthy Living

Promoting healthy living among youth and their families.

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Nutrition & Wellness for Early Childhood

Workshops, online tools and one on one assistance to answer your questions about FSMA and food safety risks in agriculture and food processing.

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Creating a network to support health and wellness in New Hampshire communities
Well Connected Communities, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is a national initiative of the Cooperative Extension System and the Nationa... Learn More
No experience necessary!
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Kristin Eberl, M.Ed., will join Extension in Rockingham County to help meet the behavioral health and wellness needs of youth in NH
Kristin joins Extension as a field specialist for youth and families, focusing on youth behavioral health and wellness. She most recently worked as a ... Learn More


What to do

Youth try to “sink germs” by tossing beanbag “germs” into a container. The game uses 6 beanbags to correspond with the 6 tim... Learn More
What to do

Click on Download resource in upper right hand corner for cards. Give each child one of the Fruit or Vegetable Group picture... Learn More
What to say

Begin this lesson with a discussion of favorite breads. Which group on the MyPlate has bread in it? What other food is in t... Learn More
What to do

Play this game like “Simon Says.” With small children, have them all participate. Explain to only do the exercise if “The Ap... Learn More
What to say

There are many good vegetables to eat. We need to eat vegetables every day. What are some of your favorites? What do you li... Learn More
What to do

This is an adapted version of “Follow the Leader.”

Ask a volunteer to be the “Red P... Learn More